Oh the weather outside is frightful!

What the heck is going on this year? I know I live in Florida and it doesn’t snow or get cold, but we haven’t even had the traditional dip down to 50. It’s hot as hell and it makes the holidays just seem weird. Last night we watched and listened to the Adam Sandler Hanukkah song; both the Neil Diamond cartoon version and the original Adam Sandler version. Great stuff!! When I got to work today, I had to do what I do every year as the token Hebrew in my department, tell the story of Hanukkah and explain that my kids are not traumatized that they do not have Santa or a tree in their life. Every year, what do you eat, what do you do with the menorah, come on people, get a clue. I saw a bunch of postings on Facebook about Jackie Mason criticizing President Obama on his acknowledgment of Hanukkah. I have to admit, while I was happy that the President acknowledged the holiday, it did seem silly to me that they would have a Menorah on Dec 8 when the holiday hasn’t even started yet. I guess we should be grateful to be acknowledged. The messages were brutal against Jackie Mason, I’m always surprised how venomous people can get over such small stuff.

In any event, the boys are so pumped for Hanukkah. We are having some family over to celebrate tonight because our niece and two nephews will be going up to NY to see their Dad and celebrate the holidays with him. The only real damper on things has been winter break camp. It is so hard to be a working mom during the holidays. You want the kids to have a break and just chill out, but I have to work and they have no school. I am lucky that Earl works for himself and has flexibility to pick up the slack but it’s still tough. Each year is a challenge. A few years ago we were able to send them to our local town camp, and Bryan can hack it there. He usually will cling to a counselor and he loves their day trips.  They don’t offer that camp any more for winter, just summer. Last year they went to separate places (Bryan went to a JCC camp for special needs kids) but that camp  has a schedule that doesn’t coincide with our break, ugh ugh ugh. And the expense, Winter break can cost $800, happy holidays. So they are now going to the Parkland YMCA camp, very close by and should be fairly ok. Yesterday Jason told me the kids were laughing at Bryan and I felt like I might puke. I have tried to minimize their camp attendance, they only go until 2pm when my sitter picks them up and they are only going for 4 days. Oh how I hate to hear that he is being laughed at or teased; and Jason must feel so awkward too, you want to protect your brother but you want to fit in. Earl dropped them off and spoke to the counselor who was very nice and told him she had experience with kids with autism and would take care to make sure the kids were not laughing at him. Clearly a double xanax day for me, topped by an Earltini tonight. Earltini=citron vodka, pomegranate juice, chilled and served straight up in a martini glass with a squeeze of lemon. woo hoo. This scrumptious cocktail is named for the best bartender around who created them for me!!


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