No news is good news.

I definitely subscribe to that statement, no news is good news.  I believe human nature is to call and tell you something has happened, but if everything is going smoothly, you may just forget to let someone know. Why am I thinking about this today? Because I have not had any real blogging in me for the last week and I was wondering why. Writer’s block? I don’t think so because I’m not really a writer. I just write stuff when I feel it and I usually need some serious event, happy or sad to cause me to write. So here’s the thing, in my case, no news is good news. Bryan, while still yelling from time to time, etc. has been really great. His language is improving so much and for this brief time seems fairly calm. He and Jason have worked together twice, once at a speech therapy session and once at an Occupational therapy session. Both times the therapists remarked at how loving their relationship is and that Jason is a “special” child. Funny how when you say the typical child is special that connotation is positive, upbeat, a compliment. With respect to a “special needs” child, it seems negative, cautionary and mysterious. In any event, I am proud that they have such a bond.

Hanukah starts tomorrow night. The boys are excited to get presents. I get it but I really love lighting the candles. I love a Menorah and I must say I do love latkes too. I love that Bryan keeps asking for a Robots Playstation Game and a Fat Albert DVD and we’ve had those puppies wrapped for weeks. He doesn’t ask for much so to get him what he really wants is very satisfying. Bryan and I spent a lot of time alone yesterday. We went to speech together and Jason spent the day at my sister-in-law’s house. She and our nephew taught Jason how to ride a bike and when he got home he was over the moon.

Bryan and I hold hands in the car sometimes.  I love to touch his soft skin and give him lots of kisses. I like to put my hand through the back of his thick hair and just feel how bushy it is. He lets me hold his hand in the car, our fingers intertwined, it makes me feel connected to him and I believe it lets him know I love him. Around 5 Earl went to Publix, this can be a 2 hour event, he is careful and tries to get us great deals. Bryan and I went on the trampoline together. We jumped, we laughed and we had great eye contact. That was my Hanukah present. Happy Holidays.


7 thoughts on “No news is good news.

  1. Happy Hanukah! I love your blog, although it makes me homesick. lol I’m from Miami (born and raised), and your reference to Publix just gave a stab of nostalgia that almost made me teary eyed. lol I live in Texas now, and my little boy and I, are slowly adjusting but it’s hard now that it’s winter. The sun only shines once a week and it’s freezing!
    Amazing! I thought I was the only Mom that held her little boys hand while in the car. I’ve gotten stiff muscles from reaching around to hold his hand from the front seat to comfort him, and sometimes just to touch him. 🙂
    I’m on, and that’s how I found your blog. Enjoy your holiday, and Peace be with you all.

  2. Hello, I am in new to your blog. Your spouse gave me the link to your blog. I am moving to Coral Springs in the summer 2012.
    Which middle schools do you recommend? I was looking into a private school for my son. My daughter still has one more year in Elementary school.



  3. The final paragraph of this entry is one of my favorites. I love the description of the beautiful private moments you share with Bryan, while driving. Mother and Son..simple, sweet, unconditional love. Nothing better. Love you both!

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