I don’t usually find the need or desire or time to double blog (blog twice in one day). But sometimes something affects you in a profound way and you need to share. Over the weekend I received an email from a Mom who subscribes to the same special needs listserv that I do. She had seen my post, which essentially is my “lost in translation” blog entry about Bryan getting lost at camp. I posted this in August just to make sure any families in our community would know what happened and could reach out to me to know the name of the camp or additional info. I was truly shocked at the time that only one parent ever reached out to me. On this listserv people debate drugs, doctors, etc for weeks, but a kid lost at camp; guess it wasn’t a hot topic.

So this mom emailed me on Friday and said she had saved my post and would I reveal to her the name of the camp. I emailed her the name of the camp and I could practically feel her bracing herself to receive my email. Of course it’s the same camp, this wouldn’t be much of story if it wasn’t, would it? So she said she wanted to know if she could call me to talk about it. I agreed and she called me this evening. She really wanted to know in detail what occurred and I must admit it’s been about a month since I really have talked about this. I explained that we never felt completely satisfied with their corrective efforts and will not be sending Bryan back but are looking into other programs for him.  She listened intently to what I said and asked a lot of questions, including where Bryan goes to school today. So I then asked her about her daughter. Her daughter is 11 and has Aspbergers, OCD and ADHD. She said that her daughter is currently in a residential facility out-of-state due to the OCD. Apparently her daughter was having trouble leaving the house even with therapy. My heart just sank.  This girl is her only child. Perspective…it creeps up on you and straightens you out like a jolt of electricity. We agreed to stay in touch and help each other focus on camp and other things.


4 thoughts on “20/20

  1. You know that any time you have someone needing help in the camp arena, they can certainly contact me at any time. Every child and every need is different and I work with many programs, as you know, that have been visited by me and my partners. As you have experienced, the camp directors with which I work are experienced, giving, direct and able to determine most specifically whether they can do the very best for the specific need of the child and the family. Please encourage anyone to use me as a source of first resort, not last resort. There are not enough hours in the day to be expert at everything. Let the Camp Expert help….

  2. It’s been over a month since I thought about what happened with Bryan over the summer. Once you brought it up on the blog, it has caused the same unease that I felt when we originally discussed it. I will continue to thank God for Bryan’s safe return and the amazing couple who found him alone in the mountains.

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