Fire up the blender!

Here are some things never to do with your kid that has autism or at least my kid with autism.

1. Don’t go to publix or any other food store.  As a rule, every dvd, gum, candy is a thing. The whining and the pinching, beyond comprehension. Oh, and the screaming….it’s particularly fun when you run into people you know and he says “I don’t touch grandpa’s wiener.” Yeah, you can’t make this crap up.

2. Don’t make a phone call where they ask you to say your answer. Your kid in the background is always talking and will fuck it up. Not worth it. Last week  I locked myself in the bathroom so I could refill two prescriptions.

3. Don’t expect anyone at a drive thru to get your order right. Same kid keeps talking and they always get one thing wrong.

4. Don’t expect any quiet, it just doesn’t happen. If I say please be quiet, he says “I can be quiet” and then keeps talking.

A really great margarita or a frozen drink with a double shot would be great right now. I caught eyes with a woman in publix who had 3 kids with her. They were not behaving too badly but we caught eyes and I said to her “they really need to serve cocktails in publix.” She laughed and then Jason asked what’s a cocktail? I told him an alcoholic beverage that will make mommy feel better. He said is that the same as a cock? Is that your privates? Oy.



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