Now you’re talking my cracka lacka language.

When they tell you your child has speech and language delays, you think, ok, we’ll get some speech therapy. Well almost 9 years later we probably could’ve bought a mercedes with all of the money we have spent on speech and language therapy. Not a complaint, just a fact, however I wouldn’t really want a mercedes anyhow. A porsche? I could work with that. The thing is there are always ups and downs with everything. Bryan has truly one of the greatest speech and language therapists now. Her name is Marcia and she is so dedicated to her kids. This woman has super duper credentials (I am a credentials snob admittedly) and she just knows how to get to the kids. She is also incredibly warm and loving and the kids are drawn to her. Bryan ADORES her and so do we. Her give a shit level is so high and I feel such a connection to her and her energy. However, no matter how much we love her and we go 3 times each week, the results are always slow in coming. We know he understands everything we say, but getting him to formulate sentences, ask questions and answer questions is truly the hugest challenge. Recently he has started to speak a lot more. Every full sentence, every question and every credible answer to a question is met with pure joy from us. Last night one of our friends, Chris, came over to watch the Giant game (damn Giants) but both Bryan and I were asleep before he came over. Bryan just a regular night, for me, a very necessary ambien induced coma night. Bryan loves Chris, he is so warm and nice to Bryan. This morning Bryan said “I was sleeping when Chris came over”. Ok, not going to make the grammar hall of fame, but I was so happy. Made my day, spurred me to blog, all good.

Jason is in on it too as well as my sister and Mara, our sitter. When he does or says something new we get sooo happy.  Sometimes you would think we are totally cookoo because we tear up or scream yay for the slightest compound sentence or complete answer. And when he asks a question, you would think they dropped the ball in Times Square! The other day Jason wanted to go on our trampoline after swimming and wanted Bryan to go with him. Jason asked him and Bryan said “First I need to get dressed”. Jason was so thrilled, he said “Mommy, did you hear that good sentence from Bry?” then he turned to Bryan and said “that was a great sentence Buddy”. Priceless. It’s a journey for all of us. On another planet that might be somewhat condescending from a little brother. On our planet, the unconditional love and support of Jason is a bonus better than the powerball.

If you are wondering, “cracka lacka language” comes from Madagascar 2. The Zebra, Marty, is played by Chris Rock ( I loooove Chris Rock). They are in Africa and he discovers other Zebras, which he has not seen before. They ask him to join them running on the plains and he says “now you’re talking my cracka lacka language”. If your children are younger than 10 and you don’t know that, what the heck is wrong with you?


4 thoughts on “Now you’re talking my cracka lacka language.

  1. Every step is forward and with such a complete surround-sound support group, i t appears it always will be cause for fresh celebration.

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