Sister Act

A few years ago a very close friend of my cousin Andy passed away suddenly from a heart attack. He was either 42 or 43 at the time with a wife and two young kids. I went to the funeral and the friend’s brother got up to speak. One thing he said has stuck with me: “you walk your life with your siblings”. He went on to talk about his brother and how you share a unique perspective as siblings. I love my sister. She and I did not get along well growing up; some sort of combination of a 4 year age difference, my parents constantly comparing us and just good old sibling rivalry. Fortunately for us, we have outgrown that. We both just no longer want to be those girls in our parents home. We take our relationship seriously and there is nothing we would not do for each other.

Ok, enough mushy stuff. Here is the deal, the sibling relationship is inexplicable.  Who else really gets the quirkiness of your parents, who else remembers all that crazy nonsense growing up in your house?  My sister has an unbelievable memory. It’s scary at times. She reminds or tells me of things that have happened growing up and I truly cannot believe that she can recall these events in such great detail. Did my parents give her some ginko biloba or super vitamin that I didn’t get? She told me the funniest story recently. I was explaining to her that Jason was super stressed (yes 9 years old) when he got his report card because he didn’t get all A grades and make honor roll. Sadly he gets this horrible, neurotic behavior from me. My sister told me a story that my father was so upset with my anxiety as a kid over my grades he said he would pay me to get an F. I had zero recall of this story. We laughed so hard and never needed to tell each other why. We also sound alike and sometimes I hear her when I speak, it’s almost like you are a part of each other.

My two closest friends have sisters and I think we all really treasure that bond. It’s interesting but all 3 of us are the “babies” in our families and as such are always the good girls. puke puke puke. Perhaps the first borns just need to break in the parents a little bit or the younger one learns to be good to get some attention. Who knows?

 It’s also fun to watch the relationship develop with our boys. Jason can tease Bryan or talk like him at times, but if anyone else does he is super protective. You know, it’s one of those sibling things, I can beat the hell out of my sibling but if you touch them, I’ll kill you.

5 thoughts on “Sister Act

  1. You should read the kids’ book “Julius, the Baby of the World” by Kevin Henkes. There’s a very cute part when one of the little girls’ cousins makes an “unkind comment” about her baby brother, whom she has been complaining about through the whole story. 🙂

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