It isn’t easy being green

I do love  the Muppets. I always picture Kermit riding that bicycle in the first Muppet movie, so clever!  Today my parents and my sister are taking the boys to lunch and then to see the new Muppet Movie. Typically I would love to go see it, but I don’t want to see it more than I want a little break. Besides, like all good kids movies, we will rent it or own  it on DVD within a few months. So I bet you are thinking, what will I do with my few hours, do some holiday shopping, take a nap, relax outside on a gorgeous day, nope!! Going food shopping. Here’s the thing, Earl and I are going together, a date of sorts!! It’s the little things that can be fun. Last time I took the boys to Publix Jason and I shared such a laugh. Bryan was at the freezer looking at the ice cream choices. He said, “I want the hoopers ice cream. I kept saying, what? After a minute or two I realized he wanted the whoppers ice cream. So cute, but literally it’s who-ppers, so how can you say anything? Gave us a laugh and now it’s known as hoopers ice cream in our house.

We have had a great Thanksgiving Break. We started out on Wed night going to the Panthers/Rangers Hockey game. The Rangers lost, ugh, but 2 great things happened, lessening the sting. First, my cousin Ben called me on the way to the game. He and his son Jacob were going too and we met up in between periods. Ben is a mushball and loves family. He was the one who nicknamed  Bryan “the big dog”, Bryan’s initials are BDK and it has stuck. Our team for the Autism Walk each April is called “The Big Dog Walkers”. I digress. And second, Bryan was terrific throughout the whole game. We had our usual chatter from him (3 and then home, which refers to 3 periods and then home) but he watched the game. Seriously watched. And he sat still. And he didn’t scream at all. Who really gives a crap if the Rangers lose? We won!! At one point during the second period Earl and I looked at each other behind the boys backs and Earl whispered, “look, he’s watching the game.” Small victories for us, Rangers did not fare as well.

Thursday, of course, was Thanksgiving. I always tell myself before these events, don’t worry, everything will be ok. If we have to leave, we leave, it’s family. But, Bryan was great. We got to my cousin’s house around 3:45 and it wasn’t until about 6:30 that Bryan got anxious. He swam, he ate appetizers, who isn’t a sucker for a pig in a blanket? He said hello to everyone and was genuinely in a good, relaxed mood. If that isn’t something to be thankful for, what the heck is? During dinner he got upset and we negotiated a time to go home. We told Bryan to say goodbye to everyone and on his own he went and hugged every single person goodbye. This kid with autism loves hugs, and loves affection. I get warm loving kisses all the time and demand them from him every chance I get. He loves if you give him a raspberry on his neck which of course i love to do.  Another stereotype in the toilet. One thing we always do is say what we mean and mean what we say. If we tell him we are leaving at 7, we leave at 7. We feel it is so important that he can trust us. And he says it, “I trust you mom”. Love it.  It is a learning process. The really key thing is not only does he seem to really understand things on a more mature level, but he can express his thoughts better too. Yesterday morning he was punished for destroying Jason’s legos. Jason spent hours working on this one space ship and Bryan knows no boundaries. He just goes into Jason’s room  and touches things. We had to punish Bryan. He cried and said “I’m sorry”. Typical for him. But now he says “Jason I’m sorry for touching your legos”. Or ” Mommy I’m sorry for hurting you.” Talk about looking for the glass half full!!

Ok, next hurdle, new babysitter starting in a week…

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