Hey, Hey, Hey, it’s fat Albert

Do you remember that show? 70’s cartoon that was put together by Bill Cosby and had a great theme song. Na, Na, Na, gonna have a good time, hey, hey, hey. Well, Bryan loves that cartoon. Not even sure how he stumbled upon it, some combo of carton network, you tube, etc. When we hear him sing it, we laugh, and we sing along, even Jason. It’s one of the fun things about Bryan, he loves to sing and can carry a tune. He gets you engaged, whether you want to or not.

Just got back from Soccer Buddies. Bryan did so well, he was running and sweaty just like a typical 11 year old boy. Bryan does the time check constantly. It is held from 3:30-4:30 and on the drive over he says, “it’s 4:30?” to which I always say “how can it be 4:30, it’s not even 3:30 yet.”. It’s just one of those Bryan things that you get used to. He typically checks every 10 mins or so while playing, just confirming that it is over a 4:30 and how much time is left. While I was watching him and talking to some of my friends, a woman came over and introduced herself to me. Her son, Jared, is Bryan’s running buddy. Running Buddies is from 9:30-10:30 Sunday mornings. Jared is a doll, always has a smile, and laughs at all of Bryan’s “isms”. Bryan tells you how much time is left, that he farted, what he’s doing the next day, etc. a whole bunch of times. Jared’s mom told me he loves Bryan and never complains about getting up early. (In case you are wondering, the kids that volunteer for the buddies programs get community service hours.) She told me he loves all of Bryan’s “isms” and comes home and talks about how funny he is and how smart he is, etc. I was so touched. I mean every parent wants to hear nice things about their kid, but the fact that this typical high school boy is enjoying Bryan and all of his quirks is just terrific. Bryan has a way of charming people, he just has a warm smile and a loving way that I think is unexpected of kids with autism. Jared didn’t even care that Bryan pinched him. I let this nice Mom know that she has a great kid there, he just sees Bryan and takes over, he never waits for the Running Buddies to start, he just takes Bryan to the playground and laughs.

I am going to really enjoy this moment. Beautiful sunny day, Thanksgiving approaching, ahhhh.


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