Woo hoo I got the Indian

I have a serious passion, yes, passion, for milk duds and tootsie rolls. I made the mistake of telling my work group about this. So, after witnessing the meltdown on Monday ,one of the guys in my group, who is really terrific and supportive, brought in a bag of Tootsie Pops. At 8:30 I busted open that bag and had an orange tootsie pop. (no this was not my breakfast, just a mid morning treat). My wrapper had the Indian with the bow and arrow. That is supposed to be good luck if I remember my elementary school fictitious luck stuff correctly. Perhaps my luck is changing. I have a lotto and powerball ticket I bought on Monday, but today, with the help of my Indian, I may need to go get some new ones. Happy Day!!

What’s really ironic is that I’m not religious but I see and feel all of these signs or divine interventions. Here’s an interesting story for you. Each year lots of Israeli folks come to Florida to spend the holidays. About 3 years ago friends of ours came down from NY to spend Passover. They stayed at a beautiful hotel in Miami, on the beach, and there were many Israeli folks visiting too. The hotel caters to those observing Passover and it is a nice combination of vacation and celebration. We went down for the day to visit our friends and spend the day at the pool and beach. Our friends rented one of the poolside cabanas and they have two boys and we all ate lunch together and had fun. Mid afternoon our friend, Lloyd, and his older son, and my family headed down to the beach to fly a kite. Bryan was not interested at all in the kite. Instead he wanted to go into the ocean and swim. Lloyd is a great swimmer and he went in the water with Bryan. Lloyd has been very involved with Bryan since he was born and is very accepting. In the water next to them was an Israeli family playing with a volleyball in the water. There were two men and a few teenagers. Bryan swam over to one of the men and he started throwing the ball gently back and forth to Bryan. Bryan also was clinging to him and swimming with him. They seemed drawn to each other and truly enjoying each other’s company in an easy, natural way. This man looked at me and said “it’s ok” because he could tell I didn’t want Bryan to be imposing upon him. They played for a while, at least 20 mins. Bryan had his arm around this very tan man with a big gold Jewish star. After a while the man got out of the water and told Lloyd and me that he had to get changed for his flight back to Israel. Then he hugged me and looked me in the eye and said “Your son is the same as mine”. And just like that we shared a moment of autism/parental understanding. And guess what, he left and I sobbed. I felt as if an angel had touched my life. Between this and the camp/airport encounter this summer I wonder if Bryan has someone looking over him. Since I eat so many tootsie rolls, perhaps it is the Indian with the bow and arrow. Good rationalization to have another tootsie pop.


4 thoughts on “Woo hoo I got the Indian

  1. It could very well be his own guardian angel, a silver-haired great-grandpa who watches over him. I never believed in guides until I experienced something so profound with my Mom, that I had to let go and rethink my position. I’m a believer.

  2. You brought tears to my eyes. I’m a believer, too, like Nina. A week or so after my grandfather died, about 18 months ago, Mike and my brother-in-law had the kids at the beach one day. Mike was putting sunscreen on Michael close to A1A, turned to Christopher to coat him, and suddenly, Michael was across A1A…….safe and sound, but on the OTHER side of the busy road! I KNOW Nonu was watching over him. I just know it.

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