Sweet In, Sweet Out

Whenever I see someone who is pregnant, I give them my one piece of advice. Sweet in, Sweet out. If you eat lots of ice cream, cookies, milk shakes, you will get a sweet child. How do I know this? I have proof. I am going to brag, my boys are really sweet. They have issues, just like other kids, but fundamentally, at their core they are sweet as can be. It may have something to do with the fact that Earl is extremely sweet and very loving but the icing on the cake (ha) is what you ingest. I have to believe this otherwise how can I justify the 45 and 41 pounds I gained for Bryan and Jason respectively. I seriously kept the Friendly’s in Stamford in business when I was pregnant with Bryan. Milkshakes are good for the baby, right?

Last night Earl had softball and I took the boys to Publix to get a few things we needed, particularly for their lunches. I bought a Publix rotisserie chicken for Jason and me and Bryan wanted pizza. They were pretty well behaved in the store, which means that Bryan only screamed one time, “I love you” on the top of his lungs. Isn’t that sweet too? He could yell “i hate you” or some other nasty thing. When we got home I cut up some chicken for Jason and me and we sat at the table and watched a really great episode of Ben 10 (great show/cartoon on Cartoon network-I am definitely meant to be a mother of boys, I like all the boy tv shows). Jason turned to me and said “Mom, this is a really great supper.” Come on, I wanted to cry, but I know he was just responding to the peace, the quiet, the calmness which is so rare in our house. Bryan was in another room on the computer and we sat together eating our chicken and laughing at this crazy episode that we both love.

Bryan came in and had his pizza and watched with us. Then, of course, we had dessert.


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