The Sky Was Yellow and the Sun Was Blue

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That is an online scream. I am all over the place today. This weekend has been nuts. Started the Zyprexa for Bryan on Friday night. He is on edge, yelling and shrill and pinching and hitting. We don’t know if it’s the come down from the Risperdal or the Zyprexa. Is it illegal to want to punch the psychiatrist? I guess wanting to doesn’t count. I think all doctors that prescribe these meds should spend a weekend with the kids. I think they would be more equipped, don’t you?

Yesterday he hurt our speech therapist, kicked and hit. This is the sweetest child, what the hell? Impulse control, sensory issues, ugh. He is punished today, no therapy, which sounds crazy but he loves her so much. He is remorseful but it just doesn’t cut it.  I took him to Running Buddies this morning. He has a buddy that runs with him and a bunch of other kids, they do some runs, some relays and it should be fun. However, he spent the entire 45 mins (it is an hour but I couldn’t take it one more second) screaming and pinching his buddy. This kid is great, he laughs it off. Ironically the few times he did run, including the relay, he was smiling. WTF??? This disorder is whack. I was talking to my friend’s husband, our boys play together and we were both just talking about how you just don’t know what to do, trial and error. Great…. At least there are others to empathize. Other families with kids on the spectrum are the key. Just like anything else in your life someone similarly situated to you helps you cope. My parents are very secretive. I shed that , thankfully, and it was the best thing I could do. Sharing info with other families about what we are dealing with and going through encourages others to share too. We have learned more from other families then 10 doctors. They live it, they get it.

Not a pity party today, just, as Bryan would say “Mom, you’re a little frustrated.”

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