Snap out of it

I was a donkey on the edge all day. I cried about 5 times and I inadvertently shut off our electricity by paying only part of our bill; that pushed me right over the edge. But then, as life often does, I was thrown a lifeline. A huge life preserver was thrown to me by our wonderful Autism Coach from Bryan’s school. This woman is fabulous and has not only my respect and admiration, but she’s a total cool chic too. She is a mom, a friend, and an advocate. She gets it done. Her destiny is to help kids with autism, ironically enough her birthday is April 2, World Autism Awareness Day. If that isn’t bashert, what is? The school is offering a 5th grade overnight trip to Seaworld in January. We really wanted Bryan to go but we weren’t sure what the arrangements were going to be. I asked if I could go as his chaperone, not that I want to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor with 100 5th graders, but as a Mommy, well, you do these things for love. They were not allowing any parents to go. So we need a one on one aide, it’s the only way. He has meds he needs to take, he wakes up by 5:30 and he needs to be with an adult who is watching him all of the time, although he does not wander, he doesn’t like all of the rides and needs attention. And, certainly, I don’t want to deal with any worries like I had at camp last summer. So what did our Coach do? She lobbied to get a one on one aide sent by the school for him. The school supported her and Bryan and now, it’s a go. It’s the first time a student with autism will be going on this trip. The aide that is going is the one who works with him in his classroom each day and knows all of his “stuff”. And our Coach also told me that the kids in the general education classes that he visits daily love him and will be thrilled he is going. I am free, free from my pity day. I see the light, I can swim to the shore and start over.

4 thoughts on “Snap out of it

  1. Very happy you are done with your pity party(even though you are entitled)
    You are an awesome sister, woman and mother. You rise above everything that is dealt to you and handle it with poise, little fanfare and “matter of fact’ attitude. Go Janie!!!

  2. Wow, wow, and WOW!!!! Mrs. P is an angel.
    On another note,……..I must tell you that this Catholic school teacher is very proud of herself for recognizing the word “bashert”. My Jewish grandparents would be so proud! ;p

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