Don’t get me started

I think it’s possible to have a candy hangover. You know that feeling where you’ve had one too many mini boxes of milk duds and you are just sluggish and bloated? Yep, that’s me today. They were not festive holiday milk duds. They were pity milk duds. I don’t indulge often, but every now and then I feel really bad. I allow approximately two pity parties per year and I think I’m just overdue. Yesterday the boys came to my office for trick or treating. Every year at 4pm the office has a huge Halloween thing where each group decorates their section and people give out candy. It’s nice, but Bryan cannot hack it. He tries but he screams and he doesn’t ever really want to wear his costume. However, he loves to wear costumes at home. Jason was fine and after a little while I sent him around with another family so I could get Bryan to setttle down in my office and use my computer. So, why is this day any different than any other day? It isn’t, autism sucks and that’s that. It is not a different day, I’m just sad, bloated and allowing the suckiness to creep in. You just can’t fight it every day, you can’t!! So for today I am officially going to feel bad. What makes it worse is that today is my 14th wedding anniversary. I got a beautiful card from Erwin and the sentiment is loving and sincere. I am lucky, I know it, but I am stamping my feet and just don’t feel “right” today. Is it too much to just have one day where things go the way they are supposed to? Can I have one day without all of the creepy looks like, what’s wrong with your kid? Like I said, I don’t subscribe to feeling sorry for myself as a rule, I am lucky, but for just one day I am going to feel like crap.


4 thoughts on “Don’t get me started

  1. Gigantic hugs for you…………….and loads and loads of empathy! Michael made it about 6 houses before we had to give him a break. He finished out the night on our own little neighborhood circle, but what a pain for me to have to hold his hand (with a death grip) and have to walk him up to every door and say “Thank you” FOR him while all the other kids were already off and running to the next house. It’s just about time for another playdate for us, dontcha think? Let me know when you’re available!

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