Get a good night’s rest

So, you’re a kid and your teacher says to you, “tomorrow we are having a math test, get a good night’s rest”.  Your mom tells you to “hurry up  and get ready for bed, tomorrow is your test, get a good night’s rest.” Ok, well anyone that experiences any form of anxiety, for me, I am the queen of anxiety, will tell you that is pure bullshit. No one gets a good night’s rest before they do anything important. Did I sleep well before finals, Regents (if you are in NY you will know what those are), SATs, ACTs, LSATs, college finals, the Bar Exam? Come on, it’s not possible for me to lie down, close my eyes and just push away the coming events. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, it’s not the rest that allows you to perform the next day, it’s adrenaline. It has pushed me along in every thing I do. Not only did I not sleep before I did anything of significance, but I tossed and turned, agonized and had diarrhea. Sorry to be blunt, but it is what it is. We used to joke in law school that you could die from the smell in the bathrooms just before an exam. It ain’t pretty!! So last week I was speaking at a conference in Orlando. There were five of us in one hotel room ( my nephew came too) and there was no sleep happening at all. Four “men” and me, one room, one bathroom??? The snoring and farting were beyond comprehension. Also Jason had a fever and Bryan freaks out from anxiety about rides he does not want to go on and paces, throws up and perseverates.  Other than that, it was great. But I am not an amateur, I can clearly function on no sleep. I did my presentation, adrenaline kicked in and I survived. Just another day at the office people.

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