Live and Let Live

I can’t take people sometimes. If you follow the news in the Autism world, which for your sake, I hope you don’t have to, you seriously could go nuts. One day they say, if your child had low birth weight or was premature, they are more likely to have Autism. Next day, if your child has a big head, they are more likely to have Autism. If you go on the GFCF diet, your child will be able to speak better and may get rid of all Autism behaviors. Now they say there is no real benefit to the GFCF diet. OMG, stop the insanity. Who the hell knows what works or why?? I’m starting to feel like Goldilocks, this drug does too much and this drug does too little, which one is just right??

And what really bugs me is not that these reports come out, because we want research and accountability, it’s the reactions to these reports. People take these reports like they are a personal attack. “it is the mainstream pharmacy lobby that is against the diet”. ” My child was not premature, they are wrong”. “Jenny McCarthy’s son was cured (by the way, just for complete candor, I don’t believe Jenny’s son had Autism) so mine can be cured too.” Gosh, can’t you people shut up for 5 minutes and focus on your own kid and not worry what one doctor says.

Damn, if you don’t know by now that each person has to read these reports and decide for themselves what works and what doesn’t then you have bigger problems than Autism.

Get it people, there is no cure, no magic serum, try what you can and do you want to  but stop judging. Accept your child and love them up. No one knows someone else s kid. I try to live my life, my religious  beliefs, my political beliefs, and my Autism “beliefs’ all in the same way, LIVE AND LET LIVE.


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