English 101

I do not profess to have the greatest command of the English language nor do I think I am the best writer, etc. However, there are some basic things in the English language that we all need to adhere to. There are rules people!!

Here are just a few of my pet peeves:

1. Your and You’re. Please do not ever tell me “your welcome”. I cringe and it defeats the purpose.

2. Doing good. Really? It’s doing well, not that tough, is it? You can do good, as in charity work, but as to how you are functioning, it’s doing well.

3. Apostrophes. When you send someone a card, don’t write to the Kaufman’s. Write to the Kaufmans. If you’re not sure, try The Kaufman Family. See, there is always another way.

4. Ok, last one for today, have went. Please do not say have went. How about have gone? Geez!!

At work they call me the grammar police, so funny!!


9 thoughts on “English 101

  1. Thank you for saying that.
    Isn’t it true that you have to pass English to graduate from high school? I have 2 other grammar annoyances. to add …she had came to our house and she had ran to the store….really…leave the “had” out and your sentence will be grammatically correct.
    Written by Sister of the Grammar police

  2. Don’t even get me started on incorrect grammar and spelling (i.e. their, they’re and there). THERE’S no excuse for it. I’d like to thank the nuns who demanded that I know proper English, but it’s really a curse.

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