All You Need is Love

I don’t really believe that all you need is love, but at times it is totally true. Almost every night when I get home from work Bryan comes out of the garage to greet me. So last night, when I got home, he came out and when I got out of the car, he stopped me, looked me straight in the eye and said, “I love you Mom”. Now I know you are thinking, BFD, but it is, because of the delivery. He says this all of the time, I’m lucky, spoiled, etc. But, last night, there was the twinkle in his eyes, a moment of clarity where there was not one drop of autism at all. These moments are rare and must be acknowledged and treasured. These moments are the fuel of my life, they level me and motivate me simultaneously. You have these times where you think, he is all in there, don’t forget it, just because he can’t say something or express himself well doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand every word you say. It’s the ultimate reality check for me. I kissed him and put my arm around him and walked into the house. Then, we went back to crazy normal (that is an oxymoron for use by autism families) where Bryan is yelling for our sitter to leave, gets her keys, phone, etc and literally shoves her out the door. We laugh because he just wants to move onto the next thing, it is not personal, he ADORES her.


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