Just Desserts!

Sometimes you get what you deserve. This morning I had a 7:30 am mammogram, who needs coffee to wake you up when you can get your boobies smashed on an ice cold machine on a cool rainy morning. And why do I sweat so much without deodorant even when it’s not hot out? Good thing I put the deodorant in my purse or I would’ve been funky all day. Ok, enough about that nonsense. So this morning, as I often do, I wore one of my autism awareness necklaces. I particularly like this one which is a blue crackly glass puzzle piece and it hangs  sort of off center. The puzzle piece is on black cord so I was able to wear it during my mammogram. I get in there and the technician tells me she likes my necklace. I thank her and then here it comes, about 25 questions, on how did I know my son had autism, how old was he, how is he doing now. So I am thinking to myself, geez, do we really need to be talking about this at 7:30 in the morning while you’re squeezing my boobies onto this cold machine to make sure I don’t have breast cancer? But-you get what you deserve, why didn’t I just remove it along with my lovely Target bra? If you are going to be an advocate for awareness this is a 24 hour job. You can’t disassociate just because it’s early or not the topic on your mind. And, truthfully, it’s probably my fault because I started it. I noticed she had an unusual jewish star with  a cross inside necklace that was very interesting and I remarked about it. She told me about her recent trip to Israel. What do the kids say, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”

I’ll shut up now and continue raising awarenes!

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