If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind.

Love that lyric. Franklin’s Tower-GD classic.  It always makes me think about everything that i’m doing and it’s effect on the next thing. Trying to figure out where  Bryan is going to go to middle school next  year. You might think this would be an easy thing to figure out, but it’s not. There really are no good middle or high schools locally for kids with autism. The private schools aren’t good either. So I am going to go with our autism coach to visit a few middle schools to see what may be the best program for Bryan. But here’s the rub-what the heck am I going to do about Jason in 2 years. You see, we do not want them to go to the middle school we are zoned for; the high school is fine but the middle school is not good. So if we send Bryan to a middle school, Jason can automatically go as a sibling so you don’t get nuts by sending them to separate schools. Yes a perk for having a special needs kid, there are only a few so take them when you can get them! You get the bus and you get to send a sibling too, that’s about it! So each school decision I make not only is huge for Bryan, but Jason, fondly known as the schlepper, has to be considered too. Is it fair to send Jason to middle school where he knows no one because they have the best program for Bryan and your mom works full time and can’t pick you up anywhere else? Ugh!! No wonder why I have anxiety attacks.

Summer camp-we are working on it. The place we are looking into now only has a 7 week program, yay! and oh no! at the same time. Will this really help Bryan, they have academics and a great program,  but will he feel that we are sending him away? Will this make Jason feel he needs to go for 6 weeks instead of 3? As much as I love a break, could I fathom being away from that much yumminess for 7 weeks? Interestingly enough the director of the camp we are considering turns out is a good friend of one of our good friends. Hmm, coincidence, I think not!! I am seriously becoming more and more convinced of divine intervention or that my Bryan is so delicious and sweet he has an angel following him. I know you will think i’m nuts but I think it’s my Pop, Victor Henschel. The man was sweetness personified and I feel like he is watching over Bryan all of the time. Who else but this man that we all adored could guide him to safety in the woods of NC? I know i’m sounding super corny, but after a few things occur that seem incredible, you have to start believing something or someone is out there. My Pop loved his grandkids so much and I hear his words in my head all of the time. Erwin’s dad died before I met him. Jason was asking about him recently and then we started talking about my Pop and I told him, I can still remember his voice and his smell. Even with his psoriasis and medicines he still smelled sweet to me. Bryan always smells good too.  M



One thought on “If you plant ice, you’re gonna harvest wind.

  1. I didn’t know you were such a good writer! I love your blog–it not only gives great insight into the trials and tribulations you face, but offers humor, common sense and most of all, passion for your kids and “everything” else that pertains to your family.
    Love, Nina

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