Eli Manning, move over!

I am and have always been a NY Giants fan. You can always tell when someone is from NY because they say “I’m going to a Giant game or Knick game” without the “s” . Don’t ask me why, everything is a thing. In any event, when you are a parent, and often the mom, you are the quarterback for the team of people it takes to manage your special needs kid. You make a play, sometimes you gain some yardage, other times you fumble. In my family, I am the quarterback and my husband is definitely the coach, offensive and defensive. We get together and strategize and try to get the team together. We interact with so many people who are on our team, we definitely feel the comraderie.

Every now and then you interact with a free agent and it keeps you on your toes. I reached out to a sleepaway camp owner based on a recommendation. Yep, we are looking into a new camp for Bryan. This man is my MVP of the day. He reached out to our speech therapist to learn more about how Bryan communicates and then concluded that Bryan would not be a good fit at his camp. He then, and this is the great part, made a recommendation to us for another camp and offered up some thoughts on what would be a good plan for Bryan going forward. This man is getting no money from us, does not really know us, and is just helping because it’s the right thing to do if you give a crap about kids.  I seriously started to cry when I hung up.

One of my favorite special teams players and I spoke yesterday. She is the autism coach (literally) at Bryan’s school and she is the jammy jam. I talked to her about Bryan going on a 5th grade trip to Seaworld, it’s an overnight trip in January. She said, great, let’s make it work. Touchdown!!

Perhaps the Giants could use me since their record is 3 and 2. What’s up Eli?


5 thoughts on “Eli Manning, move over!

  1. Jane,
    I so enjoy reading your entries. You are an amazing MOm and an all around GREAT friend and person! I admire all that you are doing for your family!!! XO

  2. I agree. He is a gem and I KNEW you would love him. Call me or email when you want to chat about alternatives. I hope he will see this post. You are both very special. Hugs!!!


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