Autism Speaks

Last night was a war zone here. I came home an hour early since my sitter was not feeling well. I had a work call shortly after I got home and the boys started fighting. It got very loud and very physical between them very fast. Why do boys insist on fighting? One of mine says “let’s attack” and all hell breaks loose. I tried to get Jason to do his homework and his attitude was so bad I couldn’t take it. They went at each other again and at that point I gave Bry a gentle nudge into the pool. He loved it and it broke the tension. He loves the feeling of the water giving him a huge refreshing hug.

Jason got punished, no TV, for his fresh mouth and bad attitude. You would’ve thought I sentenced him to 10 years at San Quentin the way he carried on. Ugh. Bryan started saying, “when is Daddy coming home?”. So I told him, ” you can call him”. And just like that he did. He picked up Jason’s phone, and next thing I know I hear, “Hi Dad, Mommy is sad, I was bad. When are you coming home?” I was stunned. I have never seen/heard Bryan make a phone call, let alone such a coherent one. This two minute call reminded me how much progress he is making and how important it is to stop the nonsense.


5 thoughts on “Autism Speaks

  1. I was going to comment on the boys’ attitudes (since I’ve become a bit of an attitude adjustor myself) but Bryan’s phone call trumps it all! That’s wonderful!!!

  2. First I must say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I had no idea you were blogging! I just added you to my blogroll on mine. šŸ™‚ Must be something in the air because Christ just lost his iPod Touch for a week. I am so tired of asking him to do things 800 times because he’s too busy playing Pocket Frogs or Plants vs. Zombies. FUN!!!!

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