Get a good night’s rest

So, you’re a kid and your teacher says to you, “tomorrow we are having a math test, get a good night’s rest”.  Your mom tells you to “hurry up  and get ready for bed, tomorrow is your test, get a good night’s rest.” Ok, well anyone that experiences any form of anxiety, for me, I am […]

Live and Let Live

I can’t take people sometimes. If you follow the news in the Autism world, which for your sake, I hope you don’t have to, you seriously could go nuts. One day they say, if your child had low birth weight or was premature, they are more likely to have Autism. Next day, if your child […]

Nature and Nurture

So here’s the background. We take Bryan to a psychiatrist for meds. This was a tough decision starting almost 5  years ago and we started with a neurologist at Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore. We reached out because at that time Bryan was pinching and hurting so much Jason and I looked like we were beaten […]

English 101

I do not profess to have the greatest command of the English language nor do I think I am the best writer, etc. However, there are some basic things in the English language that we all need to adhere to. There are rules people!! Here are just a few of my pet peeves: 1. Your […]

Fish Are Friends, Not Food

Those of you familiar with “Finding Nemo” may remember this line when Bruce the shark is trying to have a support group with other sharks so they don’t lose control and eat fish. This somehow is supposed to be comforting to Marlin and Dory who are on their quest to find Nemo. What it makes […]

All You Need is Love

I don’t really believe that all you need is love, but at times it is totally true. Almost every night when I get home from work Bryan comes out of the garage to greet me. So last night, when I got home, he came out and when I got out of the car, he stopped me, looked […]

Just Desserts!

Sometimes you get what you deserve. This morning I had a 7:30 am mammogram, who needs coffee to wake you up when you can get your boobies smashed on an ice cold machine on a cool rainy morning. And why do I sweat so much without deodorant even when it’s not hot out? Good thing […]