One from Column A, One from Column B

Do you remember those old Chinese food menus when you had the family meal? (what’s up Tung Hoy?)You always got the basics, soup and egg roll, and then you had to make some selections. That is my life, and at the end I hope to be very full!! We have so many good dishes to choose from, Bryan has his speech and language pathologist Marcia, his Occupational Therapist, Cindy, his Hebrew Tutor, Robin, and his academic tutor Michelle. Oh and he gets his meds from Dr. Kothari. Jason also works with Michelle and talks to Dr. Blair, a great psychologist, from time to time. One of the “daily specials”  is Mara, the most loving babysitter on the planet.  So in the great Chinese meal of life we are lucky to have the big family platter. These people keep us filled up and spice up our lives. Hope my fortune cookie is  good!!!


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