Hello Ripley’s…

I’m calling Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I really feel like Diane Sawyer and I need to get together too. After the whole camp thing this summer I have really felt like everything and everyone seems so strange. Why do people do such crazy things?? Yesterday I emailed Jason’s teacher to go over some issues he is having and to see how we can help him. She then tells him everything I wrote, really? That’s nuts. Later on I emailed the principal so she could have an idea of some of the problems I am having. What does the prinicpal do? She emails me back and copies the teacher with my email attached! If I wanted the teacher to know everything I was telling the principal I would’ve copied her my damn self. Geez!! I am sure the teacher is really going to be happy to talk to me now.

Later on yesterday I get an email from Bryan’s camp with the newsletter they are sending out to families. They had “agreed” to update families on their new and improved safety and communication procedures. They write a whole piece about updated safety  procedures for missing kids and for ensuring medicine is dispensed properly and received properly on opening day. What the heck? Wouldn’t you open this newsletter and say, what happened did you lose a kid? Is a missing kid a common occurrence? They write that if a child is missing they will notify the parents right away, DUH!!!! And I had emailed the parents whose kids were in Bryan’s bunk to let them know what happened and only one responded. A missing kid, where the camp didn’t tell you the kid was missing isn’t something that catches your attention, particularly when your kid was on the same trip and the same bunk? I give up people, you are on your own.

I feel like I am living in bizarro world. Ripley’s, here I come!


9 thoughts on “Hello Ripley’s…

  1. Don’t feel bad. Here’s our principal…

    She thinks it’s “cute” to dress up on the first day of school. I guess the kindergartners think it’s cute but the rest of us think she’s a real whack job!

    Hang in there! 🙂

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