My God has a Moustache!

Last night was awful, seriously awful. Jason has been having a very tough time with school this year, 3rd grade, gifted class. The teacher is very strict and the math is incredibly challenging. I have heard that they switched the curriculum around so the first chapter is the hardest, WTF? way to build confidence in a little kid at the beginning of the school year. I had a tremendous amount of anxiety as a kid when it came to school; I always wanted to do well and was always afraid I wouldn’t. Last night Jason begged, literally begged me, not to go today. He has a math chapter test. When I was younger I told myself if my child ever asks me not to go to school, I will let them stay home. I hated my parents when they made me go. Ugh, but you know you have to make them go. Payback is a damn bitch, I tell you. I am ill. Is this type of thing genetic? I told him if he feels it is too hard and he is really trying I will switch his class. Do you know what he said?? He said, “No because I promised myself and God that I would stay in the gifted class for all my school years.” We are not religious, so I don’t know where this came from. Perhaps Hebrew School. However, then he asked me what does God look like? I said God is in your heart and each person has a different image of what they think God looks like. He said, ” well my  God has a moustache” and continued a complete temper tantrum and fit about school. I emailed the teacher this morning. I am so upset, this is one of my biggest fears of having children being realized. There is no amount of lexapro, xanax, etc that can make this one go away.


3 thoughts on “My God has a Moustache!

  1. you did not ask, but here is my philosophy…. I understand the impulse to constantly challenge our bright children by putting them in gifted, ahead a year, etc. But what is more important, especially in the formative years? Confidence or Curriculum? In hindsight, I would give up all those years of gifted classes just to have the feeling that I was as good or better than those around me. Sounds arrogant, but at Jason’s age and with his incredible intelligence (which will never go away,) how much more valuable will confidence be over the long term than whether he learned fractions in 3rd grade or 4th?

    I love your blog….

    1. Oh I am with you. I am one f-d up parent/teacher conf away from switching him out of this woman’s class. The label is nuts and he’s such a great kid the pressure is just killing him and me. Couldn’t he have inherited some other stuff from me??!! I really appreciate your comments. Keep’em coming!!!!

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