Life Lessons!

I don’t know if it’s me or just my awareness of things. I seem to always get into conversations with people about their kids and find that so many people deal with illnesses or autism, or developmental challenges that I had no idea they were dealing with. Last night I had my hair cut and colored (yep i’m totally gray) and I went to a different person because I had a time conflict and couldn’t go to my regular hairdresser. This woman is raising her granddaughter who is 3 and has many emotional and psychological challenges. We talked all throughout the hair appt about handling this stuff. When we finished she thanked me for letting her talk about these things and gave me a hug. How ironic, I didn’t do anything but listen and she’s thanking me. We all need to connect and feel we are not alone.  This morning I was talking to someone I work with who was telling me their young daughter had neurosurgery. Yikes.

I told this hairdresser some things that I believe so fiercely about the journey of parenting and particularly autism as it relates to me and my delishy Bryan.

1. Kids with autism don’t lie. How great is that? If you ask Bryan, did you pinch your brother? He says, “yeah”.

2. Kids with autsim follow rules. In the morning you get up, you get showered, dressed, brush your teeth,etc. No nonsense, no whining, nothing. Just gets it done!

3. Kids with autism stay “younger” longer. You get that mushy loviness without being a huge embarrassment to your kids for a lot longer.

4. Kids with autism teach you to get your priorities straight. Can you really worry if you don’t have a fancy car or shoes if your kid needs therapy to communicate?

5. Kids with autism can make or break your relationships with everyone. I know for me I appreciate all of the support systems I have so much whether it is my husband, who is an awesome dad, or my family and friends who deal with this struggle too.

I feel that by opening myself up and talking about my issues and problems, others do so with me too. That is my life lesson for today, give and you shall receive. It may be corny but it’s true.



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