I am always guilty. Guilty I don’t spend enough quality time with my boys, although I am with them so much. I am guilty I don’t get more done at work. I am guilty I don’t do more homework and better quality reading. Why is it always so tough just to be a person?? I am guilty that my kids don’t eat in a more healthy fashion, that they don’t play more sports, etc. Is this normal? I don’t know. I wish I was like the folks on House Hunters International. I love that show. You see a family and they live in Ohio and they decide to move to Poland to try something new. So cool. Or people just move to a deserted area of Australia or New Zealand. These people cannot be Jewish, there would be too much family guilt to try that one. When do you know if you are doing enough stuff? Why is my house always messy? Why do I always feel as if I’m inundated with papers and crap? What do other people do with their mail? I need to know this. Our mail comes and we have no good place to put it. Why am I not looking forward to a long weekend….


2 thoughts on “Guilty…

  1. I can relate… It’s hard to be at ease with life sometimes. It’s especially unsettling when things that you feel like you SHOULD be looking forward to (like the long weekend) seem stressful instead of fun. “The Happiness Project” might be a good book to read.

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