Hello Ripley’s…

I’m calling Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I really feel like Diane Sawyer and I need to get together too. After the whole camp thing this summer I have really felt like everything and everyone seems so strange. Why do people do such crazy things?? Yesterday I emailed Jason’s teacher to go over some issues […]

My God has a Moustache!

Last night was awful, seriously awful. Jason has been having a very tough time with school this year, 3rd grade, gifted class. The teacher is very strict and the math is incredibly challenging. I have heard that they switched the curriculum around so the first chapter is the hardest, WTF? way to build confidence in […]

Glass half full!

Time to take stock in the good things. Both boys seem to be in good shape regarding school. Bryan loves his school and class and is very comfortable. He is speaking in full sentences more regularly and expressing emotions. Jason is getting into the routine and seems to be less anxious. This morning Bryan  said […]

Life Lessons!

I don’t know if it’s me or just my awareness of things. I seem to always get into conversations with people about their kids and find that so many people deal with illnesses or autism, or developmental challenges that I had no idea they were dealing with. Last night I had my hair cut and […]

New Ro baby!

I am from New Rochelle, which, in case you do not know is a city in Westchester County, NY. It is the greatest place to grow up. It is diverse and my high school class had 900 kids of all sorts of nationalities and races. Great exposure for kids, a melting pot. Those of us […]


I am always guilty. Guilty I don’t spend enough quality time with my boys, although I am with them so much. I am guilty I don’t get more done at work. I am guilty I don’t do more homework and better quality reading. Why is it always so tough just to be a person?? I […]