the simple life

Both of the boys are at sleepaway now. We took Bryan up to NC on Saturday and brought him to his camp on Sunday morning. I am so proud of him; he just cried a little, kept repeating “you are picking me up on July 21, not Daddy and Jason” but then he said “bye Mommy”, “bye Daddy”. I kind of think he wanted us to leave so it wouldn’t be so painful for him. The camp said he cried a little that night and has repeated many times “Mommy is picking me up on July 21” but overall he’s been great. They are limiting him to 4x per day of saying “Mommy is picking me up on July 21”. That sounds so funny to me. He usually says things like that every 20 seconds, what the heck is their secret?? I am going to a parent seminar the day before pick up, they better tell me how they do it. He also ate spaghetti last night. WTF? That kid hasn’t eaten pasta since he was in a high chair. Last year they got him to eat tuna fish.

Tomorrow night we get to talk to Jason on the phone, first time I’ve heard that cutie pie voice since June 24. Can’t wait. The house is quiet and I”m focusing on doing all of the cleaning and throwing out in their rooms without fuss.

Looking forward to the weekend, just relaxing, seeing friends, simple stuff. The best stuff.

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