I got nothing.

I”m fried, tired, spent, etc. When does the yelling and perseveration stop??? I am a little shocked by our neighbors. I wonder if it’s a good or bad thing that they don’t respond. Bryan screams so loud sometimes the house shakes. Hmm I guess a good thing. And if they did say anything, I think Earl or I couldn’t be trusted with our response. Time for a much needed break, and I’m happy he’s going to sleepaway on Sunday. So why does that make me feel guilty? I love this boy so fiercely yet get so overwhelmed and frustrated too. He feels it and knows it. He says “i’m sorry” when we point out bad behavior yet he can’t help it sometimes.  They say that parents of a child with autism need grief counseling and exhibit behavior like PTSD; they aren’t kidding we are at war a lot. Time to regroup and reenergize. Time to sleep in to 7am!!!

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