too good to be true

Here it is: so my folks invited us to go to Florence for a week to celebrate my mom’s big birthday which is coming up in January. Isn’t that awesome? So why do I feel bad? Why is everything a thing? Well, they are not including my boys.  I love the idea of going to Europe, Earl has never been there before and it is a great offer.  The boys aren’t invited. Ok, they are young,but didn’t they take me to Europe when I was 10? There was an elephant in the room, why wasn’t anyone acknowledging this? I wish they would’ve just said, no we can’t take Bryan, we can’t handle it, it’ s too much for us, and it won’t work well. Just SAY it, don’t pretend like we don’t know why he isn’t invited. I know their offer is from the heart, and I know they want to give me a break too. I guess it will always sting when it hits in the face that guess what, my kid is not a typical boy, and he can’t do everything. I know the issue is mine, but when does the hurting stop? You go along thinking, hey, things are good, he’s making progress, we got this. Then WHACK guess what, he’s not a typical boy, stop acting like everything is ok. It’s not ok. It sucks and my heart hurts every day that my boy is not perfect. He is warm and smart and sweet, and yes, no one is perfect, but still.


2 thoughts on “too good to be true

  1. When our kids get left out is hard. Sometimes, family extend invitations but make the circumstances impossible for our kids to handle and that is a defacto exclusion too. For example, have a party and play the music so loud that even people without sensory issues have a hard time coping. Your son can probably manage the trip to Florence if planned carefully, giving him the tools and breaks he needs. My seven year old has been going to Europe every year since age 12 months because his father is Swiss. We do a lot of planning to make sure he has a comfortable flight and stay and it pays off. But if you go without him, don’t feel too guilty. (I know easier said than done) but you also need time to yourself to recharge your batteries which will only help you to continue being a great mom. And also take into consideration how much he would actually enjoy the trip or would he prefer to stay home in a familiar surrounding and arrange special activities for him with friends that week. Or have a “Brian week” when you get back and do all his favorite activities that week which would give him something to look forward to you getting back and would make him feel special and understand that we all need “me time”. Just my 2 cents.

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