Moments like these should be shared!

Last night I had dinner with one of my cousins, his wife who I adore, and their 4 daughters. What a treat! I mean it was a real lovefest and I must admit I am a sucker for family.  One of the best parts of the evening was catching eyes with my cousin and just sharing a warm, knowing smile. We were in an ice cream parlor we used to go to as kids and the smile just said it all. Look at us with our families, we’re lucky, and it’s so hard to believe how quickly the time passes.  One of the big reasons I wanted to live here in Fl was to be with family, and nights like last night fill my heart up. My boys were so excited to see the girls and to watch the relationships form over the years is so fulfilling. Bryan had a lot of anxiety at dinner but he was so happy to see the girls that he was able to stay calm and fairly relaxed. He was loving and cuddly and even more delicious than the homemade ice cream. Today the boys had day camp and seemed to really enjoy it.  I had lunch with one of my other cousins and that too made me happy. It’s amazing what a good dose of unconditional love can do to lift your spirits.

I am savoring the feeling and doing laundry.  Nothing like a warm blanky from the dryer.

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