Everyone’s a doctor.

My latest irritation with people stems from websites and listservs where allegedly knowledgeable people tell other people what to do. Did anyone ever hear of a suggestion or a recommendation? On the listserv I subscribe to for local autism resources there are people who write in and ask for help on a particular issue for their child. At times it’s as light as do you know of a good OT or did anyone try Dr. X, what did you think? Other times a parent may really be reaching out at a time of desperation, they are faced with a severe behavioral problem, school issue, legal problem etc. It never ceases to amaze me how some of these “know-it-alls” tell parents, oh you need to get your child on the gluten free, casein free diet. Oh your child has toxicity in his blood, you need this or that supplement. Would you take a diagnosis from a doctor who has never seen your kid, done a blood test, etc?  I firmly believe that everyone should do exactly what they think is appropriate for their child. Just because you decide to do chelation therapy for your kid, doesn’t mean my kid needs it or it’s what I’m going to do for mine. Can’t we all just support each other and help sift through all the various ideas, therapies, etc? Wouldn’t it be nice for someone to say, hey i believe in biomedical supplements, they worked well for my child, if you are interested in learning more, call me or go see my dr. If all of these “know-it-alls” really did know it all, wouldn’t that be great. The irony, at least to me, is that we strive to have our children with autism seen as individuals yet people want to treat them as a herd. Ok breathe, i feel better.


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