I camp help myself.

Jason is going to sleepaway for the first time next saturday.  We shipped his trunk yesterday. I have post trunk shipment anxiety-did i forget underwear, socks, etc? Will he have everthing he needs??? The idea of sleepaway makes me both incredibly thrilled and incredibly anxious. I was a wreck going to sleepaway. I was such a little mommy and daddy’s girl that separation anxiety made me have diarrhea and panicked me. He seems to be fairing way better than I did. First of all, he’s half Erwin’s kid and Erwin couldn’t wait to go to sleepaway and Jason’s only going for 3 weeks. I am so excited for him, learning how to take care of himself, making new friends that can last a lifetime. One of my dearest friends I met in summer camp at age 10. We have forged a sister bond that is truly priceless. I hope he can learn some great things and even try a green vegetable.

Last summer Bryan went to a special needs sleepaway camp for 13 days,this year he’s going to the same camp for 19 days. He is excited and i’m not worried since he, and we, know what to expect. Funny how that is, not worried about him but worried about Jason.

We are going to have 10 days without kids. I can’t imagine how that will be, but I know one thing, it will be quiet and there will be a lot less laundry. I know they haven’t even got yet, but I think about the great hugs and kisses I will get when they return and the cute letters I will get from camp. I have moved on from packing and now I’m in search of fun items to send in their care packages.


2 thoughts on “I camp help myself.

  1. Not only are you giving both your boys a gift, but the 10 days you will have together with Erwin will be amazing!!!

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