This is not my first rodeo!

Yesterday I took the boys to Parkland Buddies Kickball. Here in South Florida we have this great Buddies program where typical teenagers (buddies) volunteer their time to work with special needs kids in all kinds of sporting activities. They have soccer, flag football, tennis and now they are trying running and kickball. The Buddies organization is run by some of the most dedicated and great people I have ever known. Bryan went and did his typical complaining and asking for a snack, bathroom break, water. My personal favorite is the time negotiation. Whatever time we are supposed to be done, he tries to negotiate for a shorter time and fake cries etc. I swear, I do not even hear it at this point. After that he and Jason wanted to go to the playground which is one of these “no boundary” playgrounds so all kinds of kids can go, no limits etc. Bryan spent the entire time there screaming, which he does often, about this or that. He wants lunch, he wants a snack, he yells for Jason, etc. Other parents are looking, staring at him, me, etc. About 3 or 4 years ago I would have scooped him up and gone home, probably cry or feel like WTF? Nope, not any more. I just sat there and chatted on my iphone with one of my friends.  I am also great at giving other parents what I refer to as “the bitch face” which translates to, don’t even come over here to me and say one word because I am one bad comment away from going postal. So that’s it. Although I must admit, I did get embarrassed recently in Target when Bryan screamed “I don’t touch your vagina.” These are the new preteen embarrassing comments that I guess will not phase me in a few years. And on it goes….


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