Dang Hopeful!

Hi Did you ever see that website dangchicks.com? They have some really cute t shirts for all kinds of causes and topics and of course everthing is “dang” this or “dang” that. Well my friend worked with them to create this awesome autism awareness tshirt and it says “dang hopeful” and I gently requested it for Mother’s Day and got it as a present. I love it. It’s not your run of the mill t shirt, the fabric is great and the design is super creative. In any event, I am feeling that way today. School is out and the boys are excited for camp which starts on the 20th. Bryan’s counselor at his day camp is a close friend of ours  son and he has known us for years and has worked with special needs kids for years. All good. Bryan goes to sleepaway on July 3 and is so excited to go back to the camp he went to last year. Jason is going away for the first time too. I sense some creeping apprehension, he leaves on June 25; but i’m not sure if it’s his anxiety or mine. My baby is growing up. Either way they are facing a fun, action packed summer. Our sitter is great, she is flexible and loving and is so excited for them. So today, I am feeling dang hopeful. I have to work today, so I’m not going to wear the shirt today, but tomorrow, watch out.


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