Not so much.

So today was one of those days. I had a crappy day at work and didn’t sleep well last night.  I forgot to take my Xanax and it gets me a little off my game in my sleep pattern.  We had an appt with our psychiatrist, you know the one that prescribes meds for your kid with autism even though almost no drugs are approved for kids with autism? Well i’m over it. She recommended adding a 3rd drug and i can’t face it.  I know she is just responding to the fact that I was telling her that he has really serious impulse control problems and is pinching and hurting a lot.  But I get home and look up the drug she recommended and the potential side effects are so horrific I just can’t do it. I am fortunate that my husband and I always agree on these things. But I am so sad right now. These doctors always tell you how you need to work with a behavioral specialist and you need to do this, and can’t you just, blah blah blah. Does  a doctor tell an overweight person, “you know, you just need to stop eating so much” Oh really, I hadn’t thought of that, thanks Einstein!! Sorry, I’m a bit nuts tonight.  I can’t make my kid a drug addict and the pinching and hurting are bad. Ugh.  In any event behavioral therapy is great and I do recommend it highly but you can’t work on everything every single thing every day. The poor kid, between school, tutoring, speech, ot, he has so many demands on him. Just needed to vent!


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