I got nothing.

I”m fried, tired, spent, etc. When does the yelling and perseveration stop??? I am a little shocked by our neighbors. I wonder if it’s a good or bad thing that they don’t respond. Bryan screams so loud sometimes the house shakes. Hmm I guess a good thing. And if they did say anything, I think […]

too good to be true

Here it is: so my folks invited us to go to Florence for a week to celebrate my mom’s big birthday which is coming up in January. Isn’t that awesome? So why do I feel bad? Why is everything a thing? Well, they are not including my boys.  I love the idea of going to […]

great expectations

Jason left yesterday for sleepaway camp for the first time. I am so proud of him I can’t stand it. We met 3 boys last week, brothers, that are going to the camp. They live 5 mins away and their mom is one of the nicest women I have met in a really long time. […]

Everyone’s a doctor.

My latest irritation with people stems from websites and listservs where allegedly knowledgeable people tell other people what to do. Did anyone ever hear of a suggestion or a recommendation? On the listserv I subscribe to for local autism resources there are people who write in and ask for help on a particular issue for […]

I camp help myself.

Jason is going to sleepaway for the first time next saturday.  We shipped his trunk yesterday. I have post trunk shipment anxiety-did i forget underwear, socks, etc? Will he have everthing he needs??? The idea of sleepaway makes me both incredibly thrilled and incredibly anxious. I was a wreck going to sleepaway. I was such […]

Sometimes you have to cry

There are times when nothing else will make you feel better than crying. This week has been tough. I feel like everything is going wrong. I am the worst mom and I feel like I piece of crap. I am yelling and short tempered and I don’t like myself at all. WTF? Why does this […]