Just when I thought…

I learned something today about resilience or about myself or both. I had a shitty weekend. I admit that I was looking forward to going back to my nice quiet office. I love my family so much, but Bryan was more than  a handful this weekend. He was about 5 handfuls and my nerves are shot.  I have some other issues too and the combo just pushed me into such a bundle of anxiety I truly felt like this could be a Thelma and Louise moment. But then a few  interesting things happened. First thing was I got to work and got out of my own head. I focused on my tasks and somehow things got lighter, and as I accomplished a few things, I felt like maybe I could deal a little bit. I realized also that I am not the kind of person that can mope at work. I just can’t. I am better off trying to make fun of my issues than feeling sorry for myself. I guess that is my coping mechanism and although it’s sort of weird, I think it’s easier for most folks to accept. I made it through the day and was driving home and called one of my friends who is both empathetic and sympathetic. She has children with autism and we can usually laugh at things like inappropriate screaming and peeing. blah blah blah. I called her and when I said hello, she just fell apart crying. It turns out she needed me more at that moment than I needed her. I wanted to say, hey this is my crying call not yours, but of course I didn’t  do that.  As we talked through stuff I think we both felt better; she unloaded and I realized I am not alone with my problems, frustrations, and anxiety.  So what started out as a cry for help turned into an opportunity to help someone I truly love, and that always feels good.  Gee now I’m going to do some ironing. Paradise, here I come.


4 thoughts on “Just when I thought…

  1. I have a feeling you’re going to connect with a lot of people that share a similar journey. The only thing you need to do to get your blog “out there”, is keep writing. The rest will follow. Good job pal.

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