Yep, it can happen!

So just got back from dinner with my parents. A little Friday night chinese food. About halfway through the meal a woman, about mid 60s, comes over to our table-at this point i’m thinking oh no, she’s going to say something about wanting Bryan to quiet down, but no, unbelievably enough, she is stopping by to compliment us. She and her husband were sitting behind us and she said she has been working with autistic children for 30 years. ( for the record, I don’t say “autistic”, I say a person has autism-more about that later). She said she thinks Bryan is behaving so nicely and that we are doing such a good job with him. How nice is that?? It made my night.  After dinner I went over to thank her again and she was again saying how she could tell right away that he was autistic (ugh) and that we were doing such a good job with him.  At this point my mom was crying and I just felt so grateful that there are still people in this world who can say nice things to people just to be nice. It made up for the fact that I got a fortune cookie with no fortune!!

Oh the autistic thing. I don’t like to say that because I think it defines someone too much. Bryan has autism, he also has black hair and brown eyes, and is incredibly smart and sweet.  Just my two cents.



6 thoughts on “Yep, it can happen!

  1. I bet that you are the sort who says nice things to others just to be nice! 🙂
    Bryan is one lucky boy to have such a delightful mom…

  2. “Autistic” makes you cringe? Right there you could eliminate one layer of stress. Label or not, those who say it to you or use it to describe Bry or any one else on the spectrum are (generally) not trying to be hurtful, nor are they in tune with your feelings on the subject. Let it go and be happier.

    Just a thought from someone who can and does have a hard time “letting it go.” Do as I say, not as I do….

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